Launch Lamp is coming soon

Launch Lamp is the culmination of my development work over many years, that is coming together in one all new WordPress theme called “PhotoPro”.

I’ve been an unofficial WordPress theme developer since before it was even called WordPress. I love the platform and I’ve made it the basis of my career for so long that I decided to finally make my work public and will be offering my first WordPress theme available.

Launch Lamp will be my new theme development company and the first commercial release will be a theme designed by an avid pro photographer for other photographer. With many features and elements that have been specifically designed for the photography industry.

After the launch of PhotoPro, other high-end themes will follow that are individually catered to other aspects and industries.

I’m still in final testing and the submission process with WordPress development review takes time.

I’ll keep on testing it and documenting things and I hope to announce its official release soon so please stay tuned!