Christmas Thank-You’s

Another Christmas has come and gone and I have eaten entirely too much as usual. We’ve had great times with family and friends and look forward to another year that will hopefully be as great as this one as been to us.

Canon SD550

My wonderful wife surprised me with a new camera for Christmas! I’ve been wanting a smaller point-and-shoot type of camera that I can take with me more easily than my D-Reb since I’ve been quite lazy and not photographing things because I’ve convinced myself it’s too hard to carry places. So, my wife to the rescue with a Canon SD550 Digital Elph. It’s so small, and takes really good shots. I got one for my Father’s birthday back in August and since then I’ve been secretly lusting after one of my own. Kim apparently caught wind of my desires and took care of me as she always does. Thanks Hon!

I’ve also got lots of different types of beer for Christmas, from Jill and Graham and from Keith and Denise. Jill and Graham brought some down from their parts (Portland, Maine) and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Keith and Denise brought me some beers from their recent travels in Gatlinburg. I love beer. Thanks Guys!