An Event Apart – Atlanta 2006

So I arrive in Atlanta the day before the event, get my rental car and decide to do some sight-seeing before it gets dark. Not having a map, or even the slightest clue about where I am or how to get around Atlanta, I set off from from the Avis depot with nothing but adventure and determination on my mind. That is until I quickly find myself roaming the back streets of downtown slumville USA. Seedy people eye-ballin’ me left and right, wondering if I have anything of value in my silver, Chevy Malibu with a big Avis rental car sticker on the back.

I start to feel that I am in fear for my life as I begin to drive faster and faster in what appears to be one big circle because all the streets, buildings and people appear to be identical. Then I find the Olympic Village area, a left-over attraction from the Olympic Games held here several years ago and find that things start to seem more normal. Normal that is until I notice that I am the only one looking at the sights, everyone else is looking for one-night stands, to score crack, or some other form of a “good time”. I however am looking for my hotel.

After several hours of driving around the great town of Atlanta, I arrive at my Hotel and my sanity. I posted some of the photos I took while driving around, to illustrate the variety of life I found during my stay here. It is a neat place, very big yet still retains a feel of the smaller southern charm I have become accustomed to.

All in all, I had a blast, enjoying the city almost as much as I enjoyed the An Event Apart conference and the meeting of Jeffrey Zeldman, Eric Meyer and Jason Santa Maria.