Version 5 of TLE is here

You may be noticing some drastic changes, I have re-designed the site and revamped a few things.

First you will notice that the navigation is vertical rather than horizontal as in the past versions. The look is also a lot cleaner and more graphical although I really tried to “tone” down the look. I think I succeeded in this goal.

The site is still validating, and still works in all modern browsers. I had some issues with the new navigation scheme not working Win IE 5, but I think I have those issues resolved now.

I hope that you like the new look and feel, and would love some input on what you think of this new direction for the site. And of course if you want to revert back to the previous design, feel free by using the Site Theme changer located on the left under the navigation.

Stay tuned too, as this is only the first part of the site revisions and I hope to have the others online soon.