New Year – New Website

So, I know I’ve been talking about it for a good while now and I know a lot of you thought it might never happen, but I’ve actually launched version 7 of the old website. Finally!

You may notice not just a revised layout, new graphics and some new features, but I actually have a new logo too. It’s not dramatically different than the older one and in fact I am still keeping the older logo(for my business use) but I felt this site is really focused more on my life and not just my business so it made more sense to change the logo from .toddlambert{enterprises} to just .todd{lambert} thus opening up the focus of the site a bit more.

There are a ton of other changes and small tweaks on the front end and some pretty massive stuff on the backend. It’s been a long process with many processes involved which I will go much further into soon when I post about the steps I took, the decisions I made and the direction the site is now going. Look for a detailed post about all of these items soon.

Please run through the site and test stuff out for me, and if you spot anything out of whack, let me know. Oh and click the poll over on the right and put some feedback here, would ya?