New toy coming

So after several months of anxiously waiting for a new Macbook Pro 17″ laptop to come out, I found my myself extremely disappointed that Apple did not have more to show for the long time between updates.

Yes, the new all-aluminum uni body constructed models are nice, but unfortunately, Apple has left the 17″ fans out in the cold on this. Even still, I know that the current specs available to Apple do not warrant a major enough upgrade for me.

So I’ve decided to forgo these models and get one of the very last models – a 17″ 2.6hz model with the 1920×1200 LED display. I plan on this holding me over until next year, when hopefully Apple will have the Nehalem-based quad-core versions available.

In the meantime, I stumbled across a few posts on various Apple-related forums that claimed it was possible to shoehorn up to 8GB of RAM into the last model (Santa Rosa chipset). Very eager to have more RAM than I currently have (2GB) I read with quite interest about others who has successfully gotten 6GB installed and running fine.

Yesterday, I purchased 6GB of RAM and plan on putting this into my new baby this weekend. I’ll report back with my progress and hopefully success.