Macworld came and went, but my money stayed put

Macworld is normally a time that my wife dreads. You see, it is not too far after Christmas and all the bills are still being paid for, that I normally cause a spike in our banking records. She knows this, and each year I know that she quietly hopes Apple will either cancel the event or maybe I will be too busy to notice it (This has never happened in either case).

Well, this year I actually was pretty busy but Apple really failed to “wow” me with anything. Sure, I was intrigued by the Macbook Air, and of course the movie rental news was something I was happy to see. The AppleTV update was one that directly affected me since I recently got one for Christmas and this coupled with the movie rentals means that I might finally be able to remove the entire Blockbuster rental nightmare from our lives.

But overall, the only thing that has even remotely sparked that twitch I have for reaching for my credit card, was the Time Capsule product announcement. The only reason that I haven’t really jumped for that (yet) is probably due to the fact that I really want to know more about it and how I might be able to use it, before I purchase one. It sounds like a great solution for me and if it works like I would like, I might be able to incorporate it into my iLife while adding it to the AppleTV for a massive, wireless, media bomb floating in between my mac and my TV/Stereo.

I am pretty sure that I will get the Terabyte version at some point, I’d just like to find out what sorts of gotchas Apple has put in place on it. You see, Apple always seems to cripple or in some fashion, lessen the devices and software that it produces by either implementing something that gets in the way or disallowing some aspect of its usability in a real world environment. I don’t know if they intentionally go out of their way to do this or if they just seem to come down on that side of idiocy on everything they create. I sometimes think that they do it intentionally, only to see what its users will do, faced with its inevitable shortcomings. The Apple faithful are a pretty crafty sort and usually go out of their way to make up for their cult leaders’ inadequacies.

So, Macworld has come and gone, and yet I have no tracking numbers from FedEx to worry about or banking statements I need to explain to Kim. I guess it was a pretty good Macworld if you look at it from her point of view. Me, I’m just biding my time and will probably bust out the plastic before too long, we’ll see.