It’s calling me like a siren

Yes, today everyones favorite fruit company released new MacBook Pros and they are calling to me ever so gently. I already have a 2.16ghz MBP 17″ that I’ve been very happy with and still am for the most part. However, I really want a laptop with an LED backlit screen. I’ve been telling myself to wait until they are available for the 17″ which they have not up until today, due to the price involved.

However, Apple is now offering them and for only a $100 premium above their previous screened models. My credit card finger is twitching, to say the least. But I’ve got a problem; I really don’t need a new laptop yet. My existing machine has really been functioning quite well for me. About the only thing that I really run into as a problem is the maximum ram capabilities which on my model is only 2gig. I would kill to be able to stuff 2 more gigs of ram in this thing. If I could do that, I’d probably not want a new machine at all (okay, who am I kidding).

I know that Clint has been itching for a new machine as well (he is extremely overdue actually) and I am sure that he jumped on one this morning. I just need to control my urges and think about something else for awhile. Yeah, that’s the ticket.