iPhone version two

It is late in the year 2009 and I am on the interstate heading for home after a long day at work. My wife is out of town on a business trip so I have errands to run before I get home. I also forgot to update my staff at work about a new idea I have on improving workflow in the office. I quickly tap my iPhone mounted in a cradle on my dashboard with my thumb and the unit turns on recognizing my digital identity and allowing me to speak my voice command to “connect work”. In an instant I hear an audible tone notifying me that the network system at work has accepted the connection and logged me in. I say the word “mail” and a directory comes up on the screen. I then say “staff” and I am then connected to a central video-mail box for the general office staff.

I am now being recorded in full-color video so I proceed to offer my idea in fairly decent detail, even motioning with my hands how the idea could be put into motion through a few actions on the part of our company’s new automation system for improving customer response times. I say the words “save now” and the video transmission is now saved in the inbox of my staff’s video terminals so that they will receive it as soon as they come into the office tomorrow. I then state “end connection” and the main menu for the iPhone returns and another audible tone is given to notify me that the connection has closed.

Thinking about what I will be doing tonight for entertainment, I decide to check the house system and see if there is anything I might want to watch when I get home. I speak the words “connect home” and soon the menu displays a menu for my house system allowing me to see the inside of my home with the words “monitor”. Instantly I am looking at a video feed of various views of my home from within the main rooms and from the back and front yards. I spot that there is a package on my doorstep from Fed-Ex. I say “control panel” and I am now seeing a menu that allows me to see and alter the current temperature of my house. I tell the iPhone to “warm 75” and my heating unit then starts bringing the temperature up to 75 degrees.

Next, I state “entertainment” and a selection of tv and movie choices are selected on the screen based on my past preferences and tastes. I do not see anything immediately exciting, so I say “search” and then “blade runner” – quickly Spotlight identifies the movie in my media library and queues it for playback when I arrive.

I then remember that I need to pick up a special dietary food for my dogs so I state “menu” and I am back to the main iPhone screen. I then state the name of the store “PetCo” and I am presented with a map to the nearest store and the phone number with an option to “place call now”. After speaking with a store associate I know that they received their stock and the quantity of food I need is ready for pickup. The clerk has my account details on her screen already and places my order. The purchase is also recorded in the iPhone’s financial program, immediately notifying my bank and updating my ledger and balance with the details. This is nice, that I no longer need to record transactions such as this as I used to always forget when I took money out or made purchases. Now I don’t need to worry about that anymore. Since Apple licensed QuickPay from Visa, purchasing almost anything now is completely automated just about anywhere I go now.

As I exit the interstate, I notice that I need to stop and get gas, so I pull into the closest station and stop. After filling my tank, I simply wave my iPhone over the sensor at the pump and my purchase is completed and again the transaction is recorded.

Off to Petco I go, where I pick up the bags of food at the pull up door on the side of the building. This is nice because I don’t even need to go inside and the purchase is of course already debited from my account there when I placed the order earlier on the iPhone.

As I pull into the driveway, I see that my iPhone has noticed that my vehicle is due for service this month and has connected to the dealership to find the next available appointments. A list of appointment times are shown on the screen, and I simply tap the 3rd one down for the 5th of November, and instantly the iPhone confirms the date with the dealership and then records the appointment in iCal, setting an alarm automatically that will start notifying me 3 days in advance so that I won’t forget about it.

I pull into the garage and walk inside to the house, the lights are on and the fireplace is on and the house is warm. I walk into the living room and turn on my TV. Instantly a menu notice is displayed showing the film I chose, is ready to click to start.

Ah, my iLife is wonderful.