Dog gone good


Awhile back I found a stray dog that was apparently discarded from a moving vehicle out in the middle of a very rural area. It was tan and white colored beagle that very nervous of people and took quite a bit in order for me to be able to get it into the truck and take it home.

As you may know, I already have four Boxers that keep my hands quite full. Therefore, taking another animal in was just not an option but I could not allow for this dog (which we named “Clyde”) to be mistreated any further. After a few days of nursing him back to health we noticed that Clyde was deaf which was probably the reason that the previous owner got rid of him. Deaf hunting dogs are not something in demand around here.

While trying to find a suitable home for Clyde, we remembered that the neighbor of my Grandma was deaf and had several dogs. We ended up placing Clyde with her and everything seemed right. The two were a perfect match and the dog was being well-cared for.

Months went by until we heard from Helen who was Clyde’s owner on New Years Eve. She had called crying, informing my wife that Clyde has somehow gotten out from the backyard and was missing. My wife and my mother went out searching for Clyde while I made flyers to help track the dog down. My wife and mother distributed the flyers everywhere and after a few days the reality that Clyde might not be found, started to sink in.

Then miraculously a phone call came in that Clyde had been found and was at a shelter in a nearby town. Helen had Clyde returned to her and everything was right again. It was a pretty neat story and in fact the local paper even ran a story about it which you can see here:

I’m just glad that things worked out and that a very nice lady got her very nice dog back.