Deer Google, please slow down!


Apparently the drivers of the Google Street View™ vehicles are so busy twittering while carelessly careening down our roads that one of them tagged an innocent doe that darted across its path recently. The entire event was caught by the camera and became yet another laughable spectacle that can be found on Google Maps.

As this event surfaced on the Internet, Google quickly acted to remove the offending photos of the incident and its corporate spin doctors immediately went to work at downplaying the magnitude of this hit-and-run accident. Not only did they try to minimize the impact, they’re actually lying about the entire thing!

According to Wendy Wang, Google’s Street View Operations Manager the accident did not happen at all like the photos on their own website showed. Wendy said “As some people have noticed, one of our Street View cars hit a deer while driving on a rural road in upstate New York” and “The driver was understandably upset, and promptly stopped to alert the local police and the Street View team at Google”. As tragic and upsetting this sounds, Wendy further explained “The deer was able to move and had left the area by the time the police arrived“.

Apparently, Wendy is not looking at the same photos that you and I are seeing here on this website? Maybe the driver of the Google vehicle was so distraught that they just didn’t notice that the animal only moved from the street where it was run down, to the shoulder of the road where it rolled over and died with it’s legs sticking straight up into the air?

Don’t let Google get away with the travesty of back road justice. Let them know that you’ve seen the truth and that that you don’t condone the slaughter of innocent Bambi-like characters just so that they can easily map the route from your couch to the nearest Krispy Kreme. Tell Google that you’re mad as hell and you’re not going to take it anymore!