CoverSutra version 2


As I posted recently, I’ve been trying to find the absolute best iTunes controller program out there and I’ve been waffling back and forth between CoverSutra and the newcomer: TotalTunes Control.

After I had just made what I thought was the final switch to TotalTunes Control, Sophia from Sophiestication Software has gone and outdone herself with the upcoming version 2 of CoverSutra.

The new CoverSutra has everything you could possibly want and more. The newest version offers a new searching capability that looks and acts very similar to Spotlight and allows you to quickly find and go to any playlist, artist, album or track that you want to. She has added much more capability in custom shortcuts that now allow you do almost anything with a keyboard shortcut.

My only knock against this latest version is that it uses a bit more RAM than older versions did. In my tests, it routinely uses about 45MB of RAM where it used to use no more than 20MB. This is not too big of an issue and I am sure that she will work on getting this down through revisions that I am sure are to come. There is a small graphical glitch with the title text on the new searching feature as well, but this is only cosmetic and does nothing to hinder its use.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed with the new features and I believe that I have moved back to CoverSutra for good. However, Louka Desroziers has not been sitting idle with TotalTunes Control either as he has released yet another version that offers some more refinement that brings his “free clone of CoverSutra” a bit closer. On the other side of things, the developer of Synergy has also recently updated his program although it seems to be struggling to keep feature parity and the “coolness factor” is just not in the same realm as the other two I’ve mentioned.

It is nice to have options depending on your budget, but for me I am going to continue to support CoverSutra for the time being.