Took two for the team

Okay, so I actually took four. After years of agonizing fits of pain that come and go I had the latest “incident” with my wisdom teeth over the Christmas holiday. I spent three days in excruciating pain, deep in my right jaw. I finally gave in this time and decided enough was enough and it was about time to get them removed.

Just going to the dentist is a feat for me, as I have a phobia of that place for some reason. I generally only go when I have to and I’ve been thankful that my teeth are in pretty good shape and I’ve needed nothing but routine cleanings over the years. I knew the wisdom teeth would eventually become a problem someday but I was told that if you make it into your thirties with them intact, they generally seem to be less of a problem from that point forward. What I didn’t know was that if you do have a problem past your twenties, that they are a much bigger problem to deal with.

So, with this in mind, after some time thinking about things (okay, who am I kidding – the decision was pretty much made for me by the pain) I decided it was a good time to go ahead and bite the bullet. I was told that I have two impacted teeth with the one on the lower right that was causing the current bout of uncomfort was growing in sideways and causing all kings of problems. I was also told the the wisdom tooth above this one was also growing awkward and trying to “touch” it’s lower sibling which was going to cause it’s own dilemmas.

So after hearing about that I asked the oral surgeon if he would give me a group rate on getting all four wisdom teeth removed. He obliged and I obligated. I am now the proud owner of four very painful holes in the back of my mouth that hopefully will bring this episode in my life, to an unconditional end- yeeeah!

I would normally try and post photos but in this case I think I’ll pass and spare you that. 😉