Site updates

Sorry everyone, I know I’ve been slacking on updating the old website here. It’s been a hectic period for me, with lots of changes and things happening. So much so, that I’ve just been too busy to really dedicate as much time to the site as I’d like.

Recently, I’ve been working on finishing up a new website for a client as well as taking on a new client which is a bit different for me, the automotive industry. I am currently the acting Internet Manager for a local auto dealership, which is really pushing me into new territories. I have not got their website public yet, so please don’t view their current website and think that I am losing it (it contains frames and some other atrocious coding practices)!

I am pursuing much more marketing based goals and targets rather than just coding and design for right now. I’ve been learning the intricacies of the car business as well which has been quite an eye-opener for me. It truly is the ultimate online purchasing mechanism. We’re not talking about typical e-commerce here, with items for sale online that cost a few dollars or even a few hundred. We’re talking about selling a product that in most cases is the largest or the second largest purchase in most people’s lives, a new car. Approaching this required me to really alter my views on online commerce and even the entire metaphor of what a website actually is. It’s been very tiring, with long hours involved so far, but I am enjoying it and look forward to the new discoveries I make and the knowledge I am gaining from the endeavor.

I’ll update my progress here, as I move forward – stay tuned.