No Country For Old Men

I had been wanting to see this movie and Kim and I finally went to see it with a couple of friends last night. I still cannot get this film out my mind, as it simply blew me away. This is in all likelihood, one of the most perfectly made films I’ve ever seen. Every facet of the movie is designed to draw you in further and further until you simply ache to escape. The plot is mundane in setting yet riveting in execution.

Every one of the characters are simple and unassuming yet force you to engage them on deeper levels than you really want to. The main character played by Josh Brolin is a perfect example of this when you expect a basic man, a cowboy simply out of place in the modern world, confronted with a moral dilemma that puts you in his boots for a gut-wrenching escapade across west Texas.

The killer hunting him is portrayed in such a manner that you cannot help but like him on a visceral level. He is the epitome of raw, pure evil and his intellect and uncompromising calmness drag you onto a never ending roller coaster ride of emotion and sheer terror.

Tommy Lee Jones will win an Academy Award for his portrayal of a nearly retired Texas Sheriff who is dealing with a changing landscape of moral and cultural divides when he is assigned to a multiple homicide that is apparently a drug deal gone wrong. His character is so perfectly portrayed and so engaging with a wit drier than the west Texas soil under his boots.

I simply cannot state how much I enjoyed this movie, especially the ending. I know that a lot of people hated the ending or were confused by it. To me, the ending was the right way to do it. End the movie like things end in real life. No Hollywood, feel-good, get the bad guy, ride into the sunset type of conclusion here and that is what ends this movie the way it rightfully should.

If there is a movie that you need to see, this one is it.