Customer service catastrophe

I have been a faithful customer of now for several years (actually since the very beginning when they offered free hosting to kick off their business launch in the U.S.) and I have had my share of lapses in support here and there with 1and1 but nothing like recently. A week ago, my website went offline and after numerous phone calls, emails, and support tickets opened, I was livid that a supposed “hardware failure” had taken my sites down and all that the customer service reps could tell was that “someone was working on it” and it would be fixed “real soon now™”.

I finally became so enraged by the complete and utter disdain for my business shown by 1and1 that I made the decision to start the very lengthy process of transferring all of my domain names away from them, moving all of my websites and databases somewhere else. I have had hosting nightmares in the past with several companies and I know what a pain it is to move things. They also know this, so it is my belief that they really don’t care about you once they have you signed up.

After much research and from some of my previous experiences I decided to purchase a dedicated server with a company called Liquid Web. I have done business with them through my previous employer and although that experience ended up being a bitter one, it was not really because of Liquid Web but more because of the types of things we were trying to do that caused the problems. I had fantastic experiences with the tech support and since I’ve been setting up the new server on my account this time, I can only say that those experiences continue. Liquid Web has been a complete joy to deal with when compared to most other hosting providers that I have dealt with over the years. I can call and get someone on the phone in usually less than 5 minutes. My emails are responded to promptly and everyone I have come in contact with has been knowledgeable and quick to act.

I now have complete control over every aspect of my online businesses and coupled with the support I receive from Liquid Web, I am well on my way to web hosting bliss.