MapuSoft website goes live

MapuSoft NewMapuSoft New Site

MapuSoft OldMapuSoft Old Site

The most recent site I’ve been working on has gone live today. I proudly present to you the new corporate site for MapuSoft Technologies.

This was a complete re-design of their existing site that they’ve been using for several years. They needed a more modern site with the capability to easily make updates and additions themselves. They wanted a design that was sophisticated yet still easily navigatable. They also wanted to create focus and highlight their OS Changer®, OS PAL® and OS Abstractor® products.

I created a modern architecture based on standard xhtml and css practices while implementing WordPress as a CMS on the backend. The site is completely CMS driven and offers the ability to upload and maintain the content on the site easily and with little or no knowledge of web programming. The site is built with accessibility and search engine optimization in mind, while still offering an appealing graphical nature to the site.

Of course there are still areas on the site that are not finished (is anything on the web ever finished?), but the site is at a good starting point for them and with some minor tweaks and additions they should be on their way to web stardom!