Safari gets Min / Max Height Properties

David Hyatt announced that the latest internal versions of Apple’s web browser Safari include support for min-height and max-height properties now. This is a step forward but only a step as it still doesn’t support min-width and max-width yet, however he did say that those were in the works.

But again, this is only a step forward because Microsoft refuses to implement this capability into Internet Explorer.

For those who don’t know what these properties do, they allow for “liquid” designed sites (sites that expand and contract according to the browser window size) to be set to maximum width and heights. Why is this important? Because this helps to keep text from extending to very long widths and helps to keep lines of text at a readable length. This site uses a max-width property which is displayed in Better Browsers™, but not in Internet Explorer. Maybe we will get these new technologies about the same time that Microsoft implements support for PNG graphics with an alpha channel like the rest of the world has already done. I won’t be holding my breath, however.