Flesh is not flesh colored at all!

crayons.pngThere I was the other day, thinking about colors to be used for an upcoming project, when I started to realize that colors don’t mean as much to me as they used to.

Colors started as pretty benign designations that you are taught as a kid: Orange, Yellow, Green, etc.. Then as you move into the world further and discover Crayons™, you suddenly find yourself immersed in new names for what were once just simple colors. Now you have Raw Sienna, Maize, and Prussian Blue. They could still be classified by the base color names, but now they are so much cooler!

Anyways, I then thought about how Hexadecimal equivalents relate to the cool color names from my Crayon™ days and decided to do some searching about the origins of these new names. I ran across a very cool rundown on the history of Crayola Crayon™ colors and when they were introduced.

Then searching further, I found that SimpleBits was running a small informal quiz, asking you to guess the Hex color codes of a few sample swatches (which I did very well on btw).

Then I realized, I have gone from simple color names to fancy Crayon™ colors and finally ending in boring Hexadecimal colors. Where did I go wrong?