There’s a new sheriff in town.

A new site is coming, called which is meant as a digital contact point targeted at everyone – to be used as a permanent online calling card, containing links to your website, facebook, phone number, etc… Along with a small bio area and a full screen display of your choice of photo.

Knowing who is behind this website (some very large players in the social media industry), this thing has the potential to become something big (this is all solely my opinion).

Anyways on to my real point, if you watch the seo world at all, you’ll know that backlinks from a large popular website, to your own website, especially if using key terms in the links, secure a heavy shot in the arm for your site’s serps.

So, if you were to secure the name for your local photography market, say “Jackson Wedding Photographer” for instance. That is the title of a page that you control, on a very large (soon to be)popular website – with backlinks that can contain any terms you want.

All of this costs – nothing! It’s free to secure a name, use the sign up on their front page.

I’ve secured most everything photography related as well as my name “Todd Lambert” (which is the original intent of and many of these are key terms used for seo purposes in my intended markets.

I’ve also secured a few that relate to subject matter that I am interested in, like photography and poetry.

Two of my pages that I’ve built so far (sorta artsy fartsy) are: