My experience has taught me that good design is not created on a spur of the moment, nor does it come naturally . Good design is a thorough process of collaboration between multiple teams and the site visitors. Design is asking questions and identifying a problem.

  1. 1 Entrepreneur

    Being a self-starter and self-learner are the basic fundamentals of a natural entrepreneur. I've been involved both as a partner and a consultant to many businesses and I am able to see the forest through the trees, while keeping an eye on the bottom-line.

  2. 2 Webmaster

    Back in the day, a webmaster learned that a full tool box was needed for web design and development. I learned UNIX, IIS, TCP/IP, Cpanel, and PHPMyadmin while entertaining myself primarily in the CGI-Bin directory.

  3. 3 Designer

    Over the years I've spent inordinate amounts of time learning Typography, Space and Composition. Learning is my personal design theory and I still strive to learn something new each day by trying things.

  4. 4 Developer

    As the Internet became more complicated I immersed myself in different programming languages and countless environments. Learning to adapt design to logic was a major accomplishment and one that I still work at today.

  5. 5 Marketer

    I've been on the Internet since the beginning I've become adept at determining what people wanted to see and where. What information or answer they were searching for, became the catalyst of numerous ad campaigns and my mission for my clients.

  6. 6 Analyst

    Success online is not simply throwing numbers(visitors) at something. I've learned to use site analytics to drive the direction of design and development projects creating a prove-it-or-lose-it type of mantra that defines performance and usability.

Redesigning an American Classic

Pav & Broome Jewelers

This project was a complete re-design of their old and dated existing website.

They wanted a more sophisticated look that matched their updated branding and marketing campaigns.

Taking their content down to the "bare studs" allowed for truly separating their content from the display and many cases of content trapped in an image were replaced with native html. This massively affected their organic SEO and thus the site is much more indexed by search engines.

Simplifying Data - TI.com

Texas Instruments

  • Objective:
  • Reduce clicks in product folders and deliver content in mobile friendly format
  • Requirements:
  • Existing content was required to be untouched and re-utilized.
  • Tone:
  • All work must adhere to the corporate style guide and be flexible to work within new design color schemes set forth by the design team.
  • Audience:
  • Because Ti is truly a global company, all sites must conform to different languages and format.

Moving to Mobile

Primal Health

Originally, this site was separated into two versions: Desktop and a completely different mobile version. This of course, caused problems with updating the content and keeping it current as it required twice the work.

By leveraging modern standards and responsive design, this was reduced to just one version and offered the same experience to all of the site visitors.

A fun exercise in using new UI patterns

Mock Up

An example concept utilizing a bunch of new design patterns which helped simplify the interface and move the visitor towards the goal of "printing money".

Client List

  • AGJ Systems AGJ Systems AGJ Systems
  • BlueGrass Orthodontics BlueGrass Orthodontics BlueGrass Orthodontics
  • Braces Inc Braces, Inc. Braces, Inc.
  • Broderick Broderick Vaught Dusek Broderick Vaught Dusek
  • City of Gautier City of Gautier City of Gautier
  • City of Pascagoula City of Pascagoula City of Pascagoula
  • Diberville City of D’Iberville City of D’Iberville
  • Ear Nose Throat Ear Nose Throat Center Ear Nose Throat Center
  • Eastlake Smiles of Eastlake Smiles of Eastlake
  • George Ford Dr. George Ford Dr. George Ford
  • Gerken Northwest Dental Northwest Dental
  • Golf Coast Golf Coast Golf Coast
  • Harrison One Harrison One Harrison One
  • HSSM Humane Society of South Miss Humane Society of South Miss
  • Hytron Manufacturing Hytron Manufacturing Hytron Manufacturing
  • Kidz Teeth Kidz Teeth Kidz Teeth
  • MapuSoft Technologies Inc. MapuSoft Technologies Inc. MapuSoft Technologies Inc.
  • Massasoit Dental Massasoit Dental Massasoit Dental
  • Montgomery Periodontics Montgomery Periodontics Montgomery Periodontics
  • MS Coast Chamber MS Coast Chamber MS Coast Chamber
  • MSGCSC Gulf Coast Sports Commission Gulf Coast Sports Commission
  • Ocean Springs City of Ocean Springs City of Ocean Springs
  • OSS Orthodontic Specialty Services Orthodontic Specialty Services
  • Palazzo CPA Palazzo CPA Palazzo CPA
  • Richard Bridgham Bridgham Smiles Bridgham Smiles
  • Simon Orthodontics Simon Orthodontics Simon Orthodontics
  • Spencer Orthodontics Spencer Orthodontics Spencer Orthodontics
  • Steven Palazzo Steven Palazzo Steven Palazzo
  • Superior Printing Superior Printing Superior Printing
  • Taylor Orthodontics Taylor Orthodontics Taylor Orthodontics
  • TeleVox Software TeleVox Software, Inc. TeleVox Software, Inc.
  • The Derm Clinic The Derm Clinic The Derm Clinic
  • Yim Orthodontics Yim Orthodontics Yim Orthodontics