Todd Lambert is a new breed of photographer who focuses on photographing remote locations such as graveyards and abandoned places at night. He thrives on the “butterflies” feeling you get when you’re somewhere that you’re not supposed to be. In many cases that is closer to the truth than you would think.

Todd is an adventurous spirit who seeks out exotic locations and unusual subject matter that is atypical to the normal landscape genre. He has excelled at finding and capturing beauty and his award winning portfolio shows that.

Todd has focused mostly on the western United States where his work represents 14 states so far.

  • Urban Fetish

    Take a walk on the wild side and follow along as Todd Lambert goes in search of the creepiest, freakiest, spookiest abandoned and desolate locations he can find. See places that you wouldn't dare go into, especially at night.

  • Year of Night

    Let world-renown night photographer Todd Lambert take you on a journey into the dark. Watch as he light paints life into unique and exotic locations.

  • Twilightscapes

    Experience a new style of landscape photography all through the eyes of Todd Lambert. Explore the unusual and see the Western States like you've never seen them before.