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UiUx Project : 1 [domain sales page]

UiUx Project : 1 [domain sales page]

This project came about recently because I was coming to terms with the domain name hoarding tendencies I have come to live with.

Over the years and whenever I am brainstorming a new business idea, one of the first topics that comes up, is the online marketing possibilities involved.

Because of this nature, I tend to quickly snap up $12 domain names in the business concept stage of brainstorming.

I always figure, if the project doesn’t pan out, I’ll let the name go and move on.

The problem here, of course, is that I hardly ever let the names go like I thought I would, and I amass vast quantities of domain names on my account.

This got me to thinking about how I could curtail my domain name problem, and I came up with idea of doing what GoDaddy and other domain name registers already do. They profit off the domains being unused by pitching ads and or attempt to sell the unused domain name.

“Why couldn’t I do this”, I thought? Well, after some thinking about the issue some more, I have come up with a basic solution that can easily be deployed and possibly drive traffic on selling old and unused domain names.

You can see my results of this project, here:Unused Domain Sales Page Template.

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