todd camping

A few points about this site and who's behind it.

Todd Lambert, a “webdude” that grew up in Southern California and migrated to the Deep South. He then left to explore the western states where he spent the next several years visiting and living in numerous states including Colorado, Texas and Oregon.

Having lived on the Mississippi gulf coast, twice, Todd has assisted many small businesses that were affected by Hurricane Katrina in establishing an online presence. Todd is also actively involved with photography. You can often find him in the middle of the night down some dark alley while doing night photography which is his favorite. Todd is also an avid golfer and loves to play a round of golf just about any time he gets the chance.

Todd is single and has a dog-child and playful Boxer named “Zoe”, that takes up most of his free time.


All of the artwork on this site was created by Todd Lambert unless otherwise noted.


The site is hosted on a Unix server running Apache.

PHP is used extensively on most pages throughout the site, and is tightly integrated with the Content Management System (CMS) which is powered by WordPress.

This website is a Progressive Web App (PWA) that takes advantage of modern browser technologies that allow for the website to act as an application.

The site is built using React and Gatsby and uses a custom setup that is hosted on Netilfy and uses their global CDNs to provide lightning fast performance.

I use a variety of tools including most popular software such as Adobe suite, Affinity Suite, Atom, Coda, Final Cut Pro, Motion and Sketch.


The copy font in use on the site is Libre Franklin and Helvetica Neue. The logo is composed of Lobster Two and Hammersmith One fonts.


This site draws its structural inspiration from the world famous CssZenGarden which illustrates better than any words, just what standards based design is all about.


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