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Todd Lambert, a “webdude” that grew up in Southern California and whose career and endeavors have taken him to over 14 western states including living in Colorado, Texas and Oregon. He eventually found home living on the coastal Mississippi Sound.

Having lived on the Mississippi gulf coast, twice, Todd has assisted many small businesses that were affected by Hurricane Katrina in establishing a sucessful online presence.

Todd is also actively involved with photography. You can often find him in the middle of the night down some dark alley while doing night photography and astrophotography which are his favorite subjects.

Todd is single and has a dog-child and playful Boxer named “Zoe”, that takes up most of his free time.



Being a self-starter and self-learner are the basic fundamentals of a natural entrepreneur. I've been involved both as a partner and a consultant to many businesses and I am able to see the forest through the trees, while keeping an eye on the bottom-line.


Back in the day, a webmaster learned that a full tool box was needed for web design and development. I learned UNIX, IIS, TCP/IP, Cpanel, and PHPMyadmin while entertaining myself primarily in the CGI-Bin directory.


Over the years I've spent inordinate amounts of time learning Typography, Space and Composition. Learning is my personal design theory and I still strive to learn something new each day by trying things.


As the Internet became more complicated I immersed myself in different programming languages and countless environments. Learning to adapt design to logic was a major accomplishment and one that I still work at today.


I've been on the Internet since the beginning. I've become adept at determining what people wanted to see and where. What information or answer they were searching for, became the catalyst of numerous ad campaigns and my mission for my clients.


Success online is not simply throwing numbers(visitors) at something. I've learned to use site analytics to drive the direction of design and development projects creating a prove-it-or-lose-it type of mantra that defines performance and usability.



Product Designer - Skilled web designer/developer with 21 years of professional experience.

Successful product designer able to integrate both technical and creative skills to create cross-browser and cross-platform solutions with modern web architecture and navigation systems.

Proven record of completing bold, clean, and effective designs with consistent performance ahead of schedule and under budget.

Industry experience including semiconductor, hospitality, entertainment, health, publishing, finance, insurance, construction, computer software, and direct marketing.


Veteran WordPress Theme/Plugin Developer
React JS Frontend Designer/Developer

Responsive, Reactive, Adaptive Design, progressive enhancement, PWA development, object oriented CSS animation.

Analytics, SEO, UI design, Information Architecture & Content Management System integrations. Photo and Video production.

I prefer: JAM stack, React, Gatsby, Canon, Subaru and my Mac.


  • Cal State University Fullerton
    Web Design and Development - Degree
  • Coastline Community College
    Quality Assurance - Degree
  • Golden West College
    Business Management - Degree
  • Huntington Beach High School
    High School General Courses - Diploma

Professional Experience

Todd Lambert Enterprises, 1999 - Present
Sole Proprietor / Photographer

Conducted all facets of web development business including meeting with clients, selling web services, and developing methods for improved customer support.
I also like to travel all over the country and photograph spooky and abandoned places at night. View @

Primal Health, 2013 - 2014
Creative Director / Associate Developer

Responsible for all graphic components and direct marketing efforts. Worked with various departments to advance reach through social marketing, engineering and analytics. Also performed SEO and conducted extensive AB testing.

Texas Instruments, 2010 - 2013
Style Architect / Front End Developer / Senior UI Designer

Worked on all aspects of TIs website, from new ad campaigns and interactive widgets to the core infrastructure including a new re-design and replacement of site navigation site-wide. Championed responsive design techniques and other modern architecture for use on corporate site. Utilized Jquery animation for replacing all of TIs legacy Flash files.

AGJ Systems & Networks, 2008 - 2010
Web Director / Lead Developer / Senior Designer

Solely responsible for all design and development aspects of web department. Interacted with customers and other departments to integrate designs into modern websites catered to customer needs.

TeleVox Software, 2004 - 2007
Director of Web Development

Responsible for site architecture, design, graphics, programming, copywriting/editing, project management of all TeleVox websites and online marketing campaigns. Supervised 25 designers and developers.

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