Law of supply and demand

I Love The 80sI Love The 80’s

I recently needed to be able to listen and record voice via normal cassette tapes, you know, the old 60, 90, and 120 min audio tapes that you used to make Mix Tapes from? I wish I could have gone with a digital recorder, or even one of those swank little mini-cassette recorders, but for compatibility reasons I was stuck with the old 80’s style technology. Trying to find a suitable cassette recorder that had two simple features: a pause button and an external playback speaker, proved to be quite a feat in this day and age. I looked at all the usual places, Walmart, Circuit City, Best Buy, and of course, Radio Shack. Most of these places carry only the very cheapest, crappiest, non-feature bearing models if they carry anything at all. In fact, most of places had nothing in stock at all.

I got “lucky” and found a model amongst the three total models available at Radio Shack. The kicker was that it was $48 dollars! Now, I am not too proud to admit that I used to be a cassette toting Walkman Junkie who happened to own several models that had every wiz-bang feature available at the time (EQ, MegaBoost Bass, adjustable levels, etc..) and I recall the last model I bought cost me $99 dollars at Circuit City, even with their purchase protection plan included.

Shortly thereafter the price of all cassette Walkmans dropped drastically due to a new invention called the Compact Disc. In fact, I remember seeing models more sophisticated than my previous glory, that cost in the range of $30 bucks! Now, as with all things “Vintage”, I am being forced to pay for the ability to use antiquated technology. Such is life and follows the laws of supply and demand I guess, but it sure hurt to have to ask three different sales associates before any of them even knew what I was asking for!