Some new toys

Some new toys

I have been really busy with a lot of things lately, but that hasn’t stopped me from staying current in technology. I mean, I will be the first to admit it – I am a technophile. I often lie about where I am going just so that I can spend a few more moments with a tech rag, or I am sometimes caught talking dirty to my peripherals. I can most often be found just by listening for a beep, bleep or bloop. I cannot help myself, I am obsessed with having the latest and greatest techno gadgets.

3 generations of iPods

This was no more apparent than today, when I was showing off my latest techno-wizardry at work, when an associate asked me what the differences were between the old and the new iPods. I quickly broke out my iPod collection which elicited a decidedly awkward gasp from the room of onlookers and wannabe technophiles. Seeing the initial reaction followed by the curious comments and questions; started to make me feel a bit strange. Was I the equivalent of a man reaching for his youth by purchasing a fast red sports car? Was I just using technology to regain my yearning for the bleeding edge of the dot com era?

If this wasn’t bad enough, I eagerly await the gawk session to begin again on Monday, when I show up with my new Powerbook.