New Horizons

I have just accepted an offer from AGJ Systems & Networks, Inc. to become their new Director of Web Development. AGJ is a fast-growing technology firm based here in Biloxi that caters to mostly governmental agencies and small businesses offering a variety of services including web design. I will be in charge of moving the company’s clients forward and progressing their web department towards new goals.

Because of their base clientele, I may not be able to demonstrate a lot of the work I will be doing but one site that I can guarantee you’ll see posted on here once I get into full-swing will be the AGJ website itself. It has not been updated in a very long time and it is long overdue for some TLC which I will be attending to shortly.

I am very excited to be involved with such a growing company and I expect great things from our new-found partnership.

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  1. Thanks man. Hopefully this will now keep me off the streets and out of trouble, we’ll see…

    Hey, what is going on with your site? Either you’ve cleaned house or something got borked?

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