Google’s GrandCentral.com

So, I’ve been using Google’s newest acquisition called GrandCentral. It is a VOIP tool that allows you to have a free phone number of your choice, that can be forwarded to any phone you wish. This great new service doesn’t stop there though, it offers a plethora of features that are simply outstanding. The main highlights are visual voicemail, assign numbers to groups and then assign specific actions to those groups and stop telemarketers by forcing them to enter a name before the call is completed and delivered to your main phone number.

I’ve just started to scratch the surface of all of the features that are offered but so far I am simply stunned by the power that this service gives you over incoming phone calls. This is the future of telephony as far as I am concerned.

Many thanks go out to Eli Horne who hooked me up with an invite. Speaking of invites, if any of you would like an invite so that you can try this awesome service out, leave a comment and I will be glad to get you an invite.

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  1. Hey Todd – Glad to hear that you are getting a kick out of the service. I’ve tried a couple other free telephony apps in the past, but I think this has a lot of promise (paired with the fact that google liked them enough to buy them!)

    ps. you might want to check out your tab index settings. Focus shifts from “comment name” to “contact name” back to “comment email” –> “contact email,” etc.

  2. Thanks Eli, I hadn’t noticed that – (adds to list of things to fix/correct)

    Mike, I’ve submitted the invite, check your email.

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