Joost Invites Up For Grabs

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So, I have been using Joost for a little while now and I have to say that it is pretty cool. It doesn’t quite replace regular TV for me yet, but it does offer a unique alternative to specialized programming. The interface is something to see for sure as it is also quite unique. I am not sure that I am in love with it, but it is “slick”!

Anyhow, I have been given free invites to offer to friends, so I thought I would just post them here and see if anyone wants them. If so, just post in the comments and I will dole them out as I get them.

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  1. yup… Joost is quite cool.

    I read about it on Wired and signed up right away. I got my ‘invitations to share’ today.

    What I noticed is that the most recent Beta is far speedier than the first Beta… not many video lags.

    Cool, eh?

  2. Yes, defintely. I had lots of lag in the earlier beta, but this one is much better so far. My only gripe is being able to move the window (I hate fullscreen) – I want to be able to position the window where I want, not be stuck with it in the upper left corner all the time. (I have multiple monitors) – maybe in the next beta..

  3. Olaf, your invite has been sent. Check your email.

    Oh, and your Unreal site looks great! I love UnReal.

  4. Hey,
    I’d like to check it out, invite would be appreciated BIG time.


  5. You could try *************** [removed to save your email from spam hell 😉 ] – Thanks for responding so quickly – I really appreciate it!

  6. I would also greatly appreciate an invite. I’ve been dying to try this out. Thanks.


  7. Todd fantastic you sent it. Tim happy.Thanks. Time to check out more of your sight and suggestions.

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