Worst Superbowl ever

I am going to come right out and say it: “the SuperBowl sucked”. There, I said it. The game sucked, the halftime show sucked, the announcing sucked and the commercials sucked.

3 Replies to “Worst Superbowl ever”

  1. Ah comeon – it wasnt that bad! Peyton got his MVP and ring. The advertising did suck tho

  2. It was certainly the “apple turnover” of super bowls by far, but I’m glad Peyton got his ring. I did laugh at Gaffigan with the beard comb-over.

  3. Yes, when you say “Apple” – I kept hoping the rumor about Apple having a new commercial announcing the Beatle-iPod was true. Unfortunately, not even that could have saved this SuperBowl I’m afraid.

    Gaffigan was awesome… I am seeing him everywhere now.

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